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Politique de confidentialité

In the process of interacting with visitors, CasinoBonusTips reserves the right to collect some information about users – both anonymous and personal. At the same time, we undertake the obligation to treat personal data with care, not to transfer it to third parties, and not to use it to the detriment of anyone. The transfer of impersonal information, by which it is impossible to identify the identity of any of the clients, to third parties is possible.

Why do you need a prescribed Privacy Policy?

First of all, the client has the right to know why he provides his own personal information and how exactly it can be used. The transfer of personal data undertaken by a visitor in favour of CasinoBonusTips voluntarily does not mean that his rights are not protected, and the purpose of this Policy is to outline your rights. Our Privacy Policy cannot contradict state data protection laws and reduce the user’s rights in comparison with these documents.

Who is responsible for the personal data provided?

By providing personal data in favour of CasinoBonusTips, you can count on the administration of the site to respect the safety of private information by this Policy. Third-party access to our databases is theoretically possible, but only on the condition that the information presented there is depersonalized.

What personal data do we collect?

Full registration in the CasinoBonusTips system and the use of the resource may involve the provision of a large array of various data about the user. This includes, for example, first and last name, date of birth, email and phone number, IP address and location, gender, and age. In addition, cookies collect data about site visits and behavioural factors, including specific sections visited, content viewed and liked, and comments left. Other information may also be collected, but the administration usually requests it additionally – for example, during correspondence in a live chat.

For what purposes is personal data collected?

CasinoBonusTips collects information directly during the user’s visits to the site. The data obtained is necessary to:

  • create a user account and manage it;
  • allow a specific user to participate in various bonus programs and promotions;
  • to establish personalized communication between the support service and the client;
  • promote the various products offered by the resource purposefully for those users who should be interested in them in the first place;
  • analyze information about visits and popular pages to continue to work on improving the functionality and usefulness of the site;
  • target the ads that you see;
  • identify the user when he writes author’s comments on the forum;
  • manage your reviews, based on which (with your permission) the rating of the establishments presented on our website will be formed;
  • keep our promises to customers.

The use of customer personal data for any purpose not mentioned in this section is considered illegal. Even for the use for the purposes described above, we undertake to first ensure that the user has agreed to provide his data voluntarily or that the legitimate interests of our site allow the automated collection of anonymized data of a particular type.

What third parties do we share data with?

Some of our partners, who provide the full functionality of the site, in one way or another, get access to customer data, even partially personalized. A striking example is postal services that facilitate the organization of regular mailings: they cannot send letters without having any access to mailbox addresses. Likewise, hosters and plug-in providers get access to databases from time to time. Web analytics services such as Google, Hotjar, VWO also collect anonymized information for statistical purposes. Advertising providers, as well as social networks, through which the user logs in in one click, can also keep their statistics.
Some information may be collected by third parties without our knowledge. For example, traffic between a user and a server goes through a communication provider, gateways, in some cases – through VPN servers and cloud storage.

In addition, it is possible to disclose personal data in favour of law enforcement agencies of a particular country. It is carried out by applicable local laws.

Cross-border data transfer

Our partners can be companies from countries other than yours. Plugin and advertising providers are a large number of partners from all over the world, each of which is partially transferred personalized and impersonal information. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you cannot restrict CasinoBonusTips to do this in part – by allowing us to manage customer information, you do it for all our partners at once.

Requests for the disclosure of personal information received from law enforcement or any other government agency are first checked for completeness and eligibility. Fraudsters cannot request customer data from CasinoBonusTips on behalf of any state and count on success. Legal disclosure of personal data on such a request is possible only after the requesting authority has been 100% verified.

Direct Marketing

The personal data of users can be used by CasinoBonusTips for personalized sending of offers and information about promotions. Such offers and promotions can be provided both by CasinoBonusTips themselves and by partners. Online casinos, bookmakers, and financial services can act as advertisers. This kind of information can be expressed in the form of emails or targeted advertisements.

The collection of information for direct marketing is based on the legitimate interests of the site. In cases where the collection of information requires mandatory consent on the part of the client, a corresponding request will be formulated first. We will not have access to data that you choose not to provide.

The right to opt out of direct marketing is inherent in every user. This can be done at any convenient time.

Our goal is to make direct marketing unobtrusive by sending advertisements in a reasonable amount. CasinoBonusTips strives not to show customers advertisements that are unlikely to find a response from the recipient – information is collected precisely so that you yourself are interested in receiving specific information, albeit in the form of advertising.

Terms of storage of personal information

The duration of the storage of the personal data of each user is due to our goals, declared in the corresponding section of this Policy. The administration of CasinoBonusTips independently determines the period during which it is advisable to store certain information. In some cases, the duration of data storage is imposed on us by law, if such information may be of interest to law enforcement officers, tax authorities, and so on.

Upon making a decision that some of the user’s personal data is no longer needed by CasinoBonusTips, the administration decides to delete such information. As an exception, they can be saved for statistics, but in this case, they are depersonalized, and it becomes impossible to identify a specific user by them.

User rights

Concerning personal information provided to CasinoBonusTips, the user retains certain rights. You can ask clarifying questions about these rights at any time by contacting the support service in any convenient way. The following rights are currently provided.

  1. Access to information. Each client has the right to clarify whether we collect his data and, in case of a positive answer, find out which ones. The user is allowed to request a copy of all information we know about him, and we undertake to provide it. It is also allowed to ask any questions about personal data, for example, why they are to us, whether they are transferred on the territory of foreign states, how they are protected, what is the storage period, how to complain about the unauthorized (in the opinion of the client) use of information about it.
  2. Correction. The client has the right to request the correction of the previously specified data – this is relevant both in the event of an error made during the previous filling, and when the client’s life circumstances change. CasinoBonusTips considers itself to have the right to double-check whether the changes made correspond to reality.
  3. Removal. The user of the site has the right to withdraw his consent to the collection of personal data by CasinoBonusTips or to request the deletion of the information if it is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected. The reason for the removal of information may also be the proven illegal use of it by the administration or a legal challenge to this Policy. CasinoBonusTips may refuse to delete information if its collection and storage is required by law or may be useful for possible future proceedings.
  4. Restricting Data Use. The client is allowed to require the administration to refrain from using their personal data if they may turn out to be inaccurate or are no longer needed to achieve the goals of CasinoBonusTips described in this Policy. The prohibition on the use of information while continuing to store it is also relevant if the user considers the processing to be illegal but wants to leave evidence of such illegal actions, as well as vice versa – if he demanded to delete the information, but we are sure that they can be useful to us in legal proceedings.
  5. Structuring. The user is allowed to request from us not all of his personal data at our disposal, but some part of it, subject to a certain structure. Transferring data to another controller or providing information in a machine-readable form is also possible.
  6. Appeal. Some of the personal and impersonal information is collected by CasinoBonusTips without the express consent of the users – based on our legitimate interests. If you strongly disagree with this, you have the right to apply to the judicial authorities to prove that this violates your rights and freedoms. In turn, the administration of the resource has the right to defend its own position.
  7. Management of the international transfer of personal data. The client has the right to request from the administration the information about him that is transferred to foreign partners, as well as to demand guarantees that all information about him is used abroad legally, without exceeding the powers provided for in this Policy.
  8. Submitting a complaint to law enforcement officers. In his desire to ensure the protection of his own personal data, the client has the right to apply directly to law enforcement agencies if he believes that his rights have been violated. CasinoBonusTips cannot prohibit this to users and only asks to start with a peaceful dialogue with the administration, which could solve all problems without an obvious conflict.